Fitness and Swimming in Tallinn

Check this:
Student swimming
Mondays and Thursdays you can go to Kalev Spa from 19.30 to 21.00. You need to get a proof of studentship, the international office can issue a letter in Estonian language.


Copyshops in Tallinn

Library search site

Here is the link to the library search engine.

Finding used Bikes in Tallinn

Try these shops:

Velonaut, Telliskivi loomelinnakus, Telliskivi 60, tel 58 06 38 38
CityBike OÜ, Uus tn 33, tel 51 11 819
Veloplus , Saku tn 3, tel 65 56 977

Going out and getting around in Tallinn

Check these sites for now: (estonian only,but google translate helps)

This seems to be another interesting portal for visitors:

Housing Sites for Tallinn