Former Textile Cities as Comeback Cities: International Symposium and Publication

On 17 and 18 September 2009, an international symposium on the comeback of former textile cities will be organised, as part of the 200 years city rights’ anniversary celebrations of Tilburg. The symposium is intended for politicians and governors of the participating cities, scholars, policy makers, urban planners, property developers and representatives of intermediary organisations. The goal is to contribute to the discussion about the strategies that can be used for the transformation of former textile cities such as Tilburg. Initiator is the mayor of Tilburg, Mr. Ruud Vreeman. Polis students are involved in the project through their research and fieldwork projects (see webpage: The Projects).

Parallel to the symposium, a photo exposition will be organised, which will subsequently make a trip along the participating textile cities. A scientific publication will be published in the framework of the symposium (in Dutch and in English) as well as a catalogue for the (travelling) exhibition.

Place of event: the auditorium of the new entrance building to the Audax Textile Museum Tilburg (maximum number of participants: 120).