Manchester: More daytime & evening entertainment

Tips from a bouncer:


Marble Arch apparently the pub of a brewery. A bit away from “student mainland”, but maybe when you are around in the north, you might want to have a look…

Briton’s Protection just the name sounds worthwhile. A old school pub, it seems.

Micron @ Joshua Brooks a small club in the premises of Joshua Brooks. Seems decent and affordable.

Manchester Music Venues

These are the places I’ve been told to check out for concerts.

Islington Mill actually more than a concert venue. in Salford. quite off mainstream, and not very full place. reasonable prices for drinks. entrance usually not more then 6 pounds.

Gulliver’s self proclaimed alternative music pub and venue. haven’t been there yet. belongs to a chain, so prices are normal center average. found some rather bad review for the whole pub thing, but they seem to have live bands quite often. they’ve an pretty active facebook group for events and such.

The Deaf Institute also a pub/concert venue mix with lots of different people going. admission at the weekend in general.

Band on the Wall concert and clubnight venue.

Sound Control same.

Sankey’s for posh clubbing

Club V I’ve been advised to go there.

The Mint Lounge club. their lineup looks interesting.

Manchester Academy for proper concerts.

Nigh & Day same.

The Ruby Lounge bands & clubnights.

King’s Arms venue in Salford. their agenda looks empty, but you might want to join their mailing list.

Moho Live for some stronger stuff, it seems.

Star and Garter dj’s night fridays and saturdays with occasional concerts during the week.

Common sounds interesting.

I’ve yet to find out more about electronica. Anyways, if you guys know more, there’s a comment section 🙂

Manchester (night)guide

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Have a coffee, find yourself…

In our ever-expanding urban context, does one seek one’s identity in the city? Is who you are rooted in the neighbourhood you live, your city’s infrastructure, and the transit lines with those nine-am commuters? Or do the multiple facets and various layers of our urbanity offer relief from this notion of identity…? Having a Turkish pancake (gozleme) in your predominately Moroccan neighbourhood whilst reading La Monde and listening to American folk of the sixties…who are you, is better rephrased as, who can you be…

Playing the flâneur, and avoiding the majestic, architectural masterpiece of the Grand-Place, for the quiet, cobble-stone strolls, where I collect thoughts, Brussels affords both the bustle of tourist-buzz and Manneken-Pis inspired kitsch, as well as space to stretch out unnoticed, one’s eyes and mind. Pick up pieces of who you can be, and passively participate in the life of the locals, as you sip a Kriek, or Kwak, a cafĂ©, or chocomelk, at one of these ideally situated cafes…


Le Fontainas:


Café Des Halles:

Café De Markten:

Café Au Soleil:

**All of these cafes offer alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, most offer food and/or light snacks, all are equipped with outdoor seating for excellent people watching**