Welcome to brand Manchester

Flop off the Pendolino, dodge the weekend hen parties patrolling Piccadilly station – and you emerge into a giant marketing jamboree. That’s not unusual in a city centre, except that what visitors to Manchester are being sold is Manchester itself.


University cities thrive on students

If student numbers in cities fall as more young people choose to stay at home while they study, will we really be better off? Or will university cities become ghost towns?

Demolition of London housing estate to begin

Demolition teams are to move in to one of Britain’s best known housing estates on Friday.

The sprawling Heygate estate in Walworth, south-east London, is close to the Aylesbury estate, which Tony Blair visited hours after his 1997 election victory. In his first leadership speech he described the residents as the “forgotten people” and pledged to tackle social exclusion in the are.


56 Minutes of Richard Florida’s Wisdom

In this engaging and thought-provoking lecture, public intellectual and best-selling author, Richard Florida, explains how creativity is revolutionizing the global economy. Drawing from his research in his popular books The Rise of the Creative Class and, most recently, Who’s Your City? , Florida traces the rise of this new social class and its impact on cities, business, and society at large. Richard Florida is Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute and Professor of Business and Creativity at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.

POLIS Excursion Salford Quays

Today, we visited Salford Quays. Once the thriving transportation hub of Greater Manchester the Salford Quays became derelict in the process of de-industrialisation.  The Quays are one of the earliest urban regeneration schemes in Greater Manchester and apart form various residential developments they are home to the Imperial War Museum, the Lowry Centre and the Media City .

Salford Quays

Salford Quays Residential Development

We also had the pleasure to meet Chris Farrow. His regeneration portfolio has included Director of Operations at London Docklands Development Corporation and Chief Executive at Merseyside Development Corporation. Chris is now the Chief Executive of Central Salford URC and gave us an insightful presentation of Salford’s £4 billion programme of regeneration.

Dewsbury Challange

Dewsbury regeneration effort together with Kirklees Council

Dewsbury is located in the Leeds city region.  The town was once an important textile-producing centre in the United Kingdom.

The town is set in picturesque Pennine valleys and industrial waterways and has an attractive architectural legacy.  In close vicinity to major metropolitan centres, Dewsbury can boost excellent rail-network links to Manchester, Leeds and Manchester International Airport.

However, Dewsbury has not yet been able to recover from the shock of de-industrialisation that caused a massive decline in manufacturing jobs during the last decades of the 20th century. The town’s population suffers from relative deprivation including low skill levels, unemployment, poverty and high levels of disability and mental health issues.

Recent negative headlines (the Karen Matthews, terrorist links) further blackened the town’s image in the national eye.

The Dewsbury challenge has two aims:

1)      Develop marketing strategies to raise Dewsbury’s image,

2)      Improve the quality of public space to create a platform for intercultural communication.


It’s green up north: civil servants get preview of Manchester’s Whitehall

Three eco-friendly towers set in sculpture-lined grounds proposed for 5,000 civil servants moving from London