University cities thrive on students

If student numbers in cities fall as more young people choose to stay at home while they study, will we really be better off? Or will university cities become ghost towns?

Bottom up culture led regeneration Bristol

From a former POLIS student. Worth to be looked at…

*Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft*: a community organisation that is working to create their area as a cultural quarter:

*Tobacco Factory*: the regeneration of this old tobacco factory kickstarted the gentrification process of the South of Bristol. George Ferguson (the guy in the video) also happens to be a director of the Academy of Urbanism & a great patron of cultural regeneration in the city. channel of the tobacco factory

*Artspacelifespace*: a collection of artists that have been invited to temporarily take over the old Police Station in the Centre as the developers (Urban Splash) cannot currently afford to develop it & they realise the potential of artists to revitalize areas.

City bids for ‘music city’ title

The city of Liverpool, which is already a UNESCO World Heritage City, is bidding to become England’s first UNESCO City of Music.

If successful it will become one of only four other cities with the title – including Glasgow.

A four-month long mapping exercise showing where music is made and played in Liverpool will be put together before the bid is handed in next year.

“Music is in Liverpool’s blood,” a city council spokesman said

Source BBC