Urban exploration

A student pointed out this wonderful web page about contemporary urban explorations.


There are excellent pictures of Manchester’s Second World War air raid shelters. They have been part of my urban myth since long but I had never seen picture before.  There are also picture of Mayfield station, a huge derelict railway station right in the centre of Manchester. It must be one of the last spots of undeveloped real estate in the city’s centre. Coincidently I saw news about a major investment scheme For Mayfield station today. Hurry if you wish to see it.

Other threads are also fascinating. I found hospitals particularly intriguing although for morbid reasons. Something nightmarish hangs in these rooms. Their walls, saturated with pain, are slowly releasing the sufferings of former inmates through decomposing material, flaky paint and rotten roofs.

Voila a book by Keith Warrender about Manchester’s underground:

Bottom up culture led regeneration Bristol

From a former POLIS student. Worth to be looked at…

*Peoples Republic of Stokes Croft*: a community organisation that is working to create their area as a cultural quarter:


*Tobacco Factory*: the regeneration of this old tobacco factory kickstarted the gentrification process of the South of Bristol. George Ferguson (the guy in the video) also happens to be a director of the Academy of Urbanism

www.academyofurbanism.org.uk & a great patron of cultural regeneration in the city.

www.youtube.com channel of the tobacco factory

*Artspacelifespace*: a collection of artists that have been invited to temporarily take over the old Police Station in the Centre as the developers (Urban Splash) cannot currently afford to develop it & they realise the potential of artists to revitalize areas.


A night out in Manchester with Peter Hook

Joy Division, New Order and Haçienda co-founder Peter Hook takes us on a tour of his home town, featuring DJ Luke Unabomber and indie band Delphic