Rio World Cup demolitions leave favela families trapped in ghost town

Homes are being torn down and pests and squatters are taking over the rubble of Favela do Metrô, but hundreds of families remain with nowhere else to go…

World Most Livable Cities (Economist Intelligence Unit Research)

Yet another urban hirarchy table

Vancouver (Canada) continues to top the Economist Intelligence Unit’s global liveability survey. A score of 98% bodes well for visitors during the Winter Olympics this year. Conversely, as security concerns abound in Sub-Saharan Africa following the Africa Cup of Nations, Football World Cup host Johannesburg (South Africa) comes in joint 92nd place with a score of 69.1%. Nonetheless, this is still the highest score in Sub-Saharan Africa.

Copenhagen, a blueprint for sustainable living?

Cycling is one of the most efficient and environmentally friendly ways to travel from A to B. Yet it remains dangerous to velo in Manchester. There are numerous good examples of cycling friendly cities Manchester should learn from.

Voila some interesting facts about Copenhagen:

Nearly 40 percent of Copenhagen’s population cycle to work or school.

When it snows, the bike paths get cleared before car lanes.

During the last three years the municipality invested more than 250 million crowns ($49.42 million) in bicycle lanes and installed 200 miles of bicycle lanes to boost safety for cyclists and pedestrians

Find out why it is good to cycle here

It’s green up north: civil servants get preview of Manchester’s Whitehall

Three eco-friendly towers set in sculpture-lined grounds proposed for 5,000 civil servants moving from London