Easter at Tallinn’s Pirita Beach

…and yes, it is ice 🙂

snapshot: Salford

frosty Tilburg

day 37.



Experiencing Tilburg …

Since Tilburg seems to be all about experiencing things and leisure, let’s share our best experiences. So, shoot! What was your best Tilburg experience so far.

…ääääääääh: I’m still not further then the nice fresh air on my way to university through the forest.. which is a good experience, indeed!!

snowy Tilburg


daily Tilburg

29 November 2010.

First snowfall in Tilburg.


Let’s hear it for Brussels! Brussels! Brussels!

(Thanks Marco)


a photo a day: 14 October 2010

Sometimes, Modernism fails.

a photo a day: 13 October 2010

Walking around on one of the last relatively warm nights in Brussels. It’s scarves and mittens from now on.


Things to do in Brussels …

feeling welcome

find a pastime

enjoy yourself