Social Exclusion and Displacement in Olympic London

Houseboaters being ‘socially cleansed’ from Olympics area

River Lea residents fear licence could rise from £600 to £7,000, but British Waterways says increase only option. Houseboat residents near the Olympic development site in east London are accusing British Waterways of an attempt at “social cleansing”. They say proposed changes to rules for living on the canals before the 2012 Games could force hundreds of people from their water-based homes.

Industrial Change in Manchester – an Aerial View

The story of how Britain’s industrial heartlands have been transformed, told on the basis of photographs secretly taken by the Luftwaffe in 1939 and images of 2008.

Britain from above – with Salford and Trafford Park in Manchester (on BBC iplayer)

Housing estates – Pruitt Igoe in Saint-Louis, Missouri

Housing Estates – Park Hill Estate in Sheffield

The Park Hill estate, Sheffield: Europe’s largest Grade 2 listed building
Park Hill in Sheffield is a large council estate comprising 995 flats. The structure was inspired by the famous architect Le Corbusier. Leading architectural and historic buildings expert Dan Cruickshank shows us the structure and explains its history. We learn how each floor had broad aisles wide enough for milk floats and how the complex also incorporated a primary school and shopping precinct. Constructed of reinforced concrete combined with yellow, orange and red brick curtain walling, it demonstrates ‘brutalist’ modernism on a European scale. The estate was initially very popular and successful but decayed over time to become an inner city sink estate, described by some as a ‘mugger’s paradise’ or ‘concrete prison’. (from BBC, learning zone)

Clip of the Park Hill housing estate (on BBC)

Let’s all move to Toronto?!

‘Paris invisible’ – English introduction to Bruno Latour’s Actor-Network method

Following below’s link you can find a free version of Bruno Latour’s ‘Paris invisble’. According to his latest more theoretical book on actor network theory ‘reassembling the social – an introduction to Actor-Network-Theory’ (2007) this text should be the much lighter version … which tries to cover much of the same ground through a sucession of photographic essays. It is also much shorter then the introductory book

FutureStory of towns and cities

FutureStory: how people and businesses in towns and cities across the UK are adapting to – and succeeding in – the new global economy. Wherever you live, you can build your own FutureStory and upload and share it here.

Grant to boost heart of Salford regeneration

A £10.8m grant will kickstart the £650m redevelopment of the historic heart of Salford, the North West Development Agency (NWDA) has said.

More than 800 homes, shops, offices and new public squares are included in the plans centred around Chapel Street.

World Most Livable Cities (Economist Intelligence Unit Research)

Yet another urban hirarchy table

Vancouver (Canada) continues to top the Economist Intelligence Unit’s global liveability survey. A score of 98% bodes well for visitors during the Winter Olympics this year. Conversely, as security concerns abound in Sub-Saharan Africa following the Africa Cup of Nations, Football World Cup host Johannesburg (South Africa) comes in joint 92nd place with a score of 69.1%. Nonetheless, this is still the highest score in Sub-Saharan Africa.

56 Minutes of Richard Florida’s Wisdom

In this engaging and thought-provoking lecture, public intellectual and best-selling author, Richard Florida, explains how creativity is revolutionizing the global economy. Drawing from his research in his popular books The Rise of the Creative Class and, most recently, Who’s Your City? , Florida traces the rise of this new social class and its impact on cities, business, and society at large. Richard Florida is Director of the Martin Prosperity Institute and Professor of Business and Creativity at the Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto.